We started as a boy and a girl pursuing our love and our God....here is the story of our journey to become the family we were intended to be.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Movin' On Up

Hello anybody who still follows us even though I am the worst blogger in the world =) Seriously.....I don't know where the summer is going! Let's get right to it.....because we have VERY exciting new....the Flowers' are officially #6 on the baby girl list!!! YAY! After about 4 weeks of not moving (not that I was counting or anything) we moved twice last week and then once again on Monday....taking us swiftly from #9 to #6. It feels so close! It is finally really feeling like we can start to let ourselves get excited about the baby because we are getting so much closer.....she feels like more of a reality in our lives every second and we are so excited. In other news, we also received our I-171H in the mail last Friday. This is the document that we had to apply to immigration for that says we have the US government's permission to bring our baby into the country......obviously a very important step in her becoming a part of our family! It got here in record time.....we thought that it would take several more weeks and were psyched that it didn't!
Let's see....in other adoption news, our garage sale was an AMAZING success and we were so blessed by the support of our friends and families and just the community here in general. We have felt God's presence thru every step of this process and many times it has been thru the faces of other people. We are honored and blessed and so thankful.
What's next????? Just more waiting! In theory we have to move up to #1 on our list and then we get a referral....although sometimes it can happen faster if somebody above you is only approved for above 12 mos. and the baby is 6 mos, etc.....you get the idea. So, anyway, we are hoping that within the next couple of months we will see our baby's face for the first time (a moment I cannot wait for).....and then we wait for a court date in Ethiopia.....and then we pray that we pass court the first time......and if we pass.....we go get our daughter a month later! There you have it. Looks like we are down to 4 steps which is very exciting......feels like we have conquered 20 to get where we are!
As far as the boys go.....I know that I always say they are crazy and growing and hysterical....but it is true! They never stop.....they continue to amaze us.....and we are lucky to not have any broken bones thus far this summer (knock on wood).
Thank you for reading about us and caring for us and praying for us!