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Monday, May 18, 2009


Whoo Hoo!!! We made it....to the waiting list, at least =) We are proud to announce that we received the call from our coordinator today and we are officially #12 on the baby girl waiting list at IAN. YAY!! We are so excited! The social worker doing our homestudy came to visit last week and then wrote the new section and had it signed today! What a process! We did receive the down-side news that there is paperwork in our dossier that we have to update since our address is now different on some dossier forms from the one that is now on our homestudy. Sigh.....the paperwork never ends. On the plus side, it doesn't really make a difference....things will still move at the same pace and there are only 3 forms I have to get re-signed and notarized. A funny side note.....one of the forms we have to redo is our "criminal clearance report".....when we did this form originally, my sweet husband saw the forms sitting by the computer and decided to surprise me by having them signed and notarized for us so I didn't have to do it.....what he didn't know was that they had to be on letterhead.....when I told him, he was disappointed and decided to do it again.......without the knowledge that the notary stamp had to have an expiration date of at least a year out......when I saw the forms and realized her stamp expired in 2 weeks I had to break the news that they still weren't ok to my very disheartened husband.......so, I went back to the police station for the 3rd time with a different notary and had the chief of police sign the forms for the 3rd time. We will now be returning for the 4th time to have the same form signed!!! Seriously.....of all the forms to be re-done....this one???? At least they are nice =)

We are over the moon about being on the waiting list although I am sure that they long months of waiting will become over-bearing at moments. We have been excitedly making phone calls since we heard this afternoon and then came straight to the computer to share our news. For the most part, everyone has been soooooo supportive and you have no idea how much your support means to us. Speaking of supportive.....I wanted to let the IAN moms who have blogs and post sweet comments on my blog know that our new internet security seems to be blocking me when I try to comment on your blogs. No idea what the deal is.....but this seems like a good place to let you know how much we appreciate your sweet encouragement. I also want you guys to know that we are watching your journeys closely and are excited with you every step of the way!

Life is good (especially with our great news today) but crazy. The first week of camp for Young Life starts next week.....between moving and gearing up for summer Nathan has been stretched pretty thin but he is hanging in there and almost to the point he can relax a little (just a little =) ) . Work is getting busy for me, too, as the summer is beginning and the tourists are moving in for rafting and camping. The boys are crazy as usual. Turns out Abel is mischievious.....so that will make for an interesting life! And Eli is funnier every day.....he has also developed an affinity for baby chickens so we will see how that plays out!

We will post more soon and keep you updated as we move forward! Thanks for loving us!